Distribution of Perfect Descent in Europe

Fixe is one of the main distributors of Perfect Descent auto belay in Europe.

Exclusive distribution in Spain, France, Italy, Andorra and Portugal. Also available for distribution in the rest of Europe, except in the United Kingdom.

What is an auto belay?

The Perfect Descent auto belay has caused a revolution in the climbing gym sector. Since it appeared on the market, the practice of indoor climbing has opened climbing up to a new public, enormously extending user potential.

The auto belay is the ideal climbing companion. The device comprises a sealed casing that houses the webbing to which the climber anchors themselves – by means of a carabiner, to the ventral D-ring of the harness – in order to progress. The auto belay is installed in the upper part of the climbing wall and, as the user climbs, the device webbing gradually reels in until the user reaches the final point of the route or falls. At this moment, a gentle descent occurs (at a maximum of 2m/s) until the climber reaches the ground again.

Perfect Descent has two auto belay models: Direct Drive and Speed Drive. The Direct Drive model is the one installed on most climbing walls for recreational use, while the Speed Drive model is the one used in speed-climbing competitions. In fact, it is the only model authorised by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) for official international speed-climbing competitions.

Cinta de autoasegurador automático de escalada Perfect Descent
Niños con autoasegurador automático de escalada Perfect Descent

What are the advantages of the Perfect Descent auto belay?

Installation of the Perfect Descent auto belays in the climbing wall offers a wide range of possibilities and has many advantages:

  • Freedom for the user. They can climb when they want, without having to depend on a companion to belay them. Users who are visiting the climbing gym for the first time will not require the full-time attention of an instructor. A simple explanation of how the Perfect Descent auto belay works will be all they need to enjoy an unforgettable day of climbing.
  • Increased profits for the climbing gym. Increased rotation of climbers on the routes and less support required from the facility’s staff. Experienced climbers and first-time users of the climbing gym can use the auto belay, making climbing accessible to everyone.
  • Reduction of belaying hazards. Belaying errors are one of the causes of accidents in climbing gyms. By using the Perfect Descent auto belay, the factor of human error is eliminated and risks are reduced.

Multiple uses for the Perfect Descent auto belay

The Perfect Descent auto belay has many uses. These are some of them:

  • Training and competitions in climbing gyms.
  • Recreational use in climbing gyms.
  • Adventure parks.
  • Children’s recreational centres.
  • Ninja Warrior circuits.
  • Industrial training.
Climbing at the gym with Perfect Descent auto belay
Modelo autoasegurador de escalada Perfect Descent Direct Drive

Why should you trust in the Perfect Descent auto belay?

Perfect Descent auto belays are hand-built in the United States and are the preferred belay worldwide, by both climbers and owners of climbing gyms and other types of facilities. Why?
Compact design.

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Low maintenance cost, requiring only one inspection every two years.
  • Easy to install.
  • Webbing comes in three lengths: 8m, 12m and 16m.
  • Available in two versions: Direct Drive and Speed Drive.

What Climbing Gyms have to say

We spoke to the owners of several climbing gyms that already use Perfect Descent to describe their experience with auto belays.

Jesús Muñoz (founding partner of La Ola, Salamanca)

We have four Perfect Descent auto belays at La Ola. Their installation has been a major step forward from a business standpoint. A customer arriving at the climbing gym for the first time perceives climbing as a vertical sport, in which you always progress upwards. Almost no one knows about locking-off. That’s why the sport climbing wall we have in the climbing gym is the starting point for anyone new to this sport.

Perfect Descent devices help us a lot in our work. A new user can discover climbing completely on their own as of their first visit, without having to rely on an instructor for the whole day. The instructor simply shows the customer the safety guidelines for using Perfect Descent and from then on the user can climb their first meters in complete safety.

Many people have returned to La Ola after a beginner’s climbing course in which they used Perfect Descent. So we have built the loyalty of customers, who later end up practising lock-off and become members of the climbing gym.

Installing the Perfect Descent auto belays has made the work of the La Ola instructors much easier. The supervised classes are much more dynamic now and, in activities like birthdays, for example, we have something much more competitive to offer.

Albert Roig (managing partner together with two more partners, in Territori Golem, Arenys de Munt)

We decided to install Perfect Descent auto belays to offer some higher quality activities for both training and leisure. At Territori Golem, we believe these devices are a necessary tool for any company dedicated to running a climbing gym.

Whether training or starting off, with the Perfect Descent auto belays you can work in complete safety. They are ideal so that anyone new to climbing may, for example, perform parallel rope manoeuvres, while anchored to the belay. Also, we can take on more students with fewer instructors.

Anyone visiting the climbing gym as a leisure activity for the first time can enjoy climbing from the very beginning, without having to learn manoeuvres with ropes or belaying devices. Once anchored to the Perfect Descent auto belay, the user can start climbing.

We have eight Perfect Descents in the climbing gym. Auto-belayed climbing is accessible to all users, including easy beginner, intermediate level, and also more difficult routes. Climbing with Perfect Descent is for all levels.

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