New collection of semi-static auxiliary ropes.

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Discover the new collection of high-quality semi-static auxiliary polyamide ropes.

We present our new semi-static auxiliary ropes made of high-quality polyamide. This choice of material stands out for its great resistance and durability, while maintaining lightness and flexibility. All of this allows easier knotting and transportation during all your outdoor adventures.

What really sets these ropes apart is the special braiding of their sheath, known as Endurance. In this process, the strands are intertwined one by one, creating a smoother, more compact and uniform surface. This not only ensures long life by effectively resisting frictional wear, but also protects against the penetration of dust and dirt particles that can often reduce the longevity of the strands.

The versatility of these ropes makes them an ideal choice for a wide variety of outdoor activities, as they perform well against both friction and dirt.

This family is made up of ropes from 2 mm to 7 mm and each diameter is available in two colours, black and red. Each of these auxiliary ropes is available in two lengths, 60 m and 100 m, so in total there are 24 references in the entire family. The red version has black marks that indicate the diameter of the rope.

It is important to remember that, despite all its qualities, this auxiliary rope is not certified for climbing. Always make sure you use approved equipment that meets all standards to carry out your activity safely.

The renewed semi-static ropes feature three main innovations:

Manufacture with Polyamide.

Our auxiliary ropes are made with high-quality polyamide, guaranteeing resistance and durability, but maintaining their lightness and flexibility so as not to lose their ability to be knotted during all your outdoor adventures

Endurance braiding.

The special Endurance braiding of our sheath provides a smooth, compact and uniform surface, ensuring long life and protection against wear and tear due to friction and dirt.

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Preconsumer Packaging.

Our auxiliary ropes are presented in an eco support divided into two sets of pieces. The side supports are made of pre-consumer recycled plastic. This plastic has been recycled before reaching the final consumer using industry waste, thus preventing it from becoming industrial waste. The other set is the central cylinder made of cardboard.

" Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for a wide variety of outdoor activities, as they demonstrate excellent performance against friction and dirt. "

Discover the new semi-static ropes.